New Age Superstar

It’s 1981. Summer.

Clint Khatib is 18 years old, living in British Columbia with Xander Dozier, his boyfriend/soulmate. He has no idea their lives are about to radically change.

A diverted flight lands Clint in Seattle. In a flash, his life is propelled along an adventure-filled trajectory that he never saw coming.

Meanwhile, a chance meeting halfway around the world sets into motion a string of events that eventually offer Clint the opportunity to experience the music industry first hand, from its highest highs to its lowest lows.

Soon, Clint finds himself hanging on for dear life on a rollercoaster ride from the world of early 80s New Wave to the New Age Movement at the close of the decade. When the music industry ultimately “goes Grunge” in the early 90s, will it mean the end of Clint’s career, or will it provide the perfect path for him to find his way back to the love of his life?

New Age Superstar is the continuation of Clint’s life story, which began with The Chameleon From Hong Kong. The books can be enjoyed either as a stand-alone, or read back-to-back, as a series.

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults eighteen and over.

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The Chameleon From Hong Kong

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Growing up in an expat-filled enclave of Hong Kong in the mid 1970s, Clint Khatib is an independent, thoughtful teen who loves music, movies, geography, and imagination.

Oh, and he thinks he might be invisible.

A reluctant encounter with a high-tech chameleon costume, a free-spirited grandmother, and an underage meditating faux-swami propel him on a journey spanning two decades and four continents.

This coming of age story follows a young boy as he becomes a young man, uncovering secrets about himself, and others.

This is a fun, engaging story. A fictionalized memoir. According to the author, “Clint is 5% me, and 95% someone who had a much more fascinating, geographically-enriched childhood!” What is true, and what is totally made up… who can tell? If you like empowering coming of age stories, likable (yet REAL) characters, and satisfying young adult romance filled with quirky details from the late 70s and very early 80s, you’ll be sure to enjoy the tales of Clint Khatib and his friends.

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